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NAOBI-DC Logo: A thin white circular boarder with black text “National Alliance of Black Interpreters D.C.”. Inside the white circle is a black one overlayed with a white print of The United States Capitol building.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters

The District of Columbia Chapter

Workshop and General Body Meeting

  • Saturday, March 18, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Kennedy Center (The Reach) 2700 F ST NW

Training for Hearing Interpreters, Deaf Interpreters, Directors of Artistic Sign Language... Come one come all! 

Flyer Image Description:

Flyer split in half horizontally. Top half has a transparent background picture of 5 young Black American professionals walking down steps of a concrete building. NAOBI DC transparent logo layered on top left corner of page. Heading in the middle left side of the flyer reads "NAOBI DC" printed in turquoise blue with heading "Upcoming events" printed in white beneath. Heading in the middle right side of the flyer reads "18 March 2023" printed in turquoise blue with heading "Kennedy Center 2700 F ST NW" printed in white directly beneath. Bottom half of flyer has blue background with 3 listed event times with information for each event. 1pm Workshop "Voice Acting & ASL Translation for Theatre" (headshot of presenters Nayte Paxton and Michelle Banks. Members free Non members $35, become a full member for $25, 3:15pm General body meeting, 5pm Happy hour location Circa at Foggy Bottom. VOCA and RID ACET logo line the bottom of flyer. 

NAOBI-DC is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

© Copyright NAOBI-DC. All rights reserved.  


P.O. Box 91202

Washington, DC


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