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NAOBI-DC Logo: A thin white circular boarder with black text “National Alliance of Black Interpreters D.C.”. Inside the white circle is a black one overlayed with a white print of The United States Capitol building.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters

The District of Columbia Chapter

Photo Album

12 photo(s) Updated on: Tuesday, May 31, 2022
  • NAOBI-DC 2019 Summer Cookout. Large group photo taken at a distance between two trees on Gallaudet’s campus. It is difficult to distinguish the many faces.
  • Small Group Photo in front of a pop-up tent at NAOBI-DC's 2019 Summer Cookout- Antonio Burkett, Khera Colbert, Shannon Morrison, Dr. Ava, Jenese Portee, MJ Jones, MarcusKeith Island, Vernice Williams.
  • Group photo taken at Gallaudet's library. The back row is standing on a small carpeted stage. Behind them is a projector screen. On the screen is a light image of “Acknowledments".
  • Screenshot of NAOBI-DC Instagram Story. A dark grey Sudan with a pink poster “CAREBOX”
  • NAOBI-DC Care box pickup day. Bronte Stewart reaches out to hug Letitia Boyne. Behind them stands Kenya Colbert. To their right, Carolyn Boykins looks to the side, sees them, and smiles.
  • Kenya Colbert stands interpreting on an outdoor stage. Behind her are four banners and a woman in a yellow dress speaking at a podium.
  • Rodney Lebon and Kaylee Teixeira are taking a selfie in the crowd at a DC rally. Rodney has long twists tied back and is wearing a black sweater. Kaylee is wearing an olive green dress with a blazer.
  • NAOBI-DC members are standing closely in a group at Interpreter Happy Hour. They are standing outside under a wood beam patio roof with outdoor umbrellas behind them.
  • Screenshot of Zoom meeting. Members are smiling and waving.
  • Group photo both standing and sitting on a couch. Including: Paris Mctizic, Cheryl Henderson, Marybeth Morgan, Mandy Welly, Candice Johnson, Tiffany Hill, Candace Barnes, Dion Hart, Nicole Shambourger
  • Group of Black interpreters gather after Dr. Pamela Collins dissertation defense. The photo is taken at Gallaudet on the staircase leading to Rathskeller.
  • Vernice Williams, MJ Jones, Jeneese Portee, and Candace Barnes sit side-by-side at a table with a projection screen off centered behind them.

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