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NAOBI-DC Logo: A thin white circular boarder with black text “National Alliance of Black Interpreters D.C.”. Inside the white circle is a black one overlayed with a white print of The United States Capitol building.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters

The District of Columbia Chapter

2024 - 2025 Board's Vision

President's Vision: "As a NAOBIian, I’ve always looked to this organization as a safe haven, full of interpreters who look like me, supported me, and pushed me to become a better version of myself daily. Being welcomed into this haven of interpreters gave me the drive to continue my pursuit of becoming a professional interpreter. That feeling of safety, that feeling of freedom, that feeling of belonging rooted me into this beloved organization. Like a tree that is planted, it grows and roots itself to the earth, providing itself a firm foundation allowing it to be immovable. As it grows it stands tall, basking in the light of our creator but also taking on the rain and storms that come its way. But once the sun shines again, the tree itself becomes a respite for those looking for a cool, safe place to shade themselves from the harshness of the world.   A rooted tree has many functions and purposes. In the fall, its leaves brown and wither giving way to the changes of life. In the spring it sprouts new branches and leaves giving way to the newness of life. Year round, as the tree grows upward, its roots entrenches itself deeper into the earth. There are times a tree is pruned to rid it of withering branches, allowing it to grow stronger and other times it is  chopped down to a stub.  However, a stub with its roots left intact allows a resurgence. Though the glory of the tree's stature may be diminished and its height and beauty may be dismantled, the tree will forever be rooted to its life-source. Rooting itself deep in the earth, a tree is provided the nutrients it needs to regenerate itself to grow tall and strong once more.  Just like a tree, NAOBI-DC has been planted, watered, and nurtured. It has experienced the light and warmth of the sun and the harshness of a rain storm. It has provided its members with a cool, safe place to retreat, network, and vent. It has gone through its versions of pruning and chopping. But just like the tree, NAOBI-DC is deeply rooted! We have a firm foundation that is connected to a life-source, allowing us to stand tall and resurge boldly. We stand on a legacy that ensured NAOBI-DC’s value and relevance to the interpreting profession, more specifically to Black interpreters.   The legacy, love, and longevity of NOABI-DC is deeply rooted in our hearts. Under this administration NAOBI-DC will grow upward and outward while rooting itself deeper into the community. We are ROOTED! If you don't mind standing in solidarity declaring with me that we are ROOTED!"

NAOBI-DC is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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P.O. Box 91202

Washington, DC


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